Labor advisory

Fin2gO offers labor advisory services as well as the preparation of our clients’ payrolls. Through direct contact with the person responsible for your account in the workplace, you will be able to stay up to date with all the news in the workplace from the peace of mind of more than 35 years of experience.

Preparation of payrolls

We have a team with extensive experience in different sectors and sizes that manages the labor needs of more than 200 companies using the most appropriate tools for payroll preparation.

Human Resources

We are used to interacting with HR tools where we facilitate access to Employee Portal tools such as Factorial, Personio or Holded, expense management programs such as Pleo, Qonto and Payhawk, or social benefits management tools such as Cobee.


We prepare and present official models to social security, such as the management of labor incidents (registrations, terminations of IT, dismissals) as well as with the tax agency and the presentation of the monthly and quarterly models of withholdings of workers and professionals as well as the annual summaries .

Other featured services


The Occupational Health and Safety Law expressly establishes the right of workers to effective protection in terms of safety and health at work, which implies a corresponding duty of the employer to protect their workers against occupational risks.


We ensure compliance with the requirements of companies based on their sector and volume. Schedule Record, Annual Calendar, Salary Record, Protocols against sexual harassment, Digital disconnection protocols, Equality Law, Disability Law and insurance related to the collective agreement.

Labor Law

We have the services of legal partners specialized in the labor field advising our clients in conflict situations.

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