Accounting and tax advice

We cover accounting and tax advisory services to all those entrepreneurs who want to have their financial information up to date, digital and accessible, with absolute transparency of our work towards the client.

Collaborative Accounting

Our goal is to facilitate digitalized management with immediate exchange of data, accounting and financial information in real time, in a single environment and complying with the required obligations.

Fin2gO is an advisory/consulting firm specialized in Collaborative Accounting that was born to cover the need of new generation entrepreneurs who needed to have financial information in real time from anywhere.

Natives in Holded

Fin2gO has been betting on this ERP since the birth of Holded and all our internal and client management processes are totally focused on the use of this tool, which allows us to have a competitive advantage over the competition. The growth in the use of this tool has made us a reference partner for Holded.

Access Holded


At Fin2gO we help you outsource and optimize administrative processes, reducing your costs. Our professionals work closely with the financial managers of our clients, providing a global solution, participating in the management, being part of their organization.

Accounting Due Diligence

At Fin2gO we help our clients in accounting Due Diligence processes in which we analyze the reliability of the financial statements. If requested by the client, we carry out limited reviews of the labor and tax areas.

They trust us

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Other featured services


Clients authorize us to manage their electronic notifications and their subsequent management with the different organizations. We provide support for obtaining digital certificates for both individuals and legal entities.

Income Taxes

We have a specialized service for individuals for income tax returns, assets and other taxes related to individuals, such as inheritances, donations, or assets abroad.

Constitution of societies 

We accompany you in the process of incorporating companies, looking for the legal form that best suits your needs. We analyze the need to draw up a partners’ agreement so that entrepreneurs can regulate possible discrepancies in the future.

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