Digital Transformation

As partners of our clients, we validate your business model and agree on which tools best suit your needs. In this way we obtain valid financial information for decision making so that our clients can focus on their business.

ERP Implementation

Once we have agreed with the clients which tools fit their needs, we assess what type of implementation they need. We have success stories implementing Holded, Anfix, quickbooks with clients of different sizes and sectors. For this, it is important to do a prior analysis of the business model.


Fin2gO has its own Business Intelligence product, with which we prepare reports in Power BI with real-time financial and non-financial data that help business owners make decisions.

Types of implementation


We transfer financial data from an information system owned by the agency to a more complete ERP owned by the client.

Technological financial

We validate circuits and processes, and if necessary we incorporate Technology Consultants into the project.


We assist in the implementation of existing management tools, such as Orama in treasury management, or Vualapp, in the optimization of administrative circuits. 

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