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Fin2gO offers you financial support services with high added value. Our goal is to be your strategic partner so that you can dedicate yourself to what is most important, the management of your company. Integrated professional services to take your business to the top.


We offer a complete and customized Reporting system so that the entrepreneur has the necessary knowledge of his company to be able to make the best possible decisions. To do this, and through our real-time Analytical Accounting service, we deliver recurring Reporting where quantitative and qualitative data are analyzed. We include financial and non-financial analyses presenting a system of Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

CFO as a Service

The Financial Director is a necessary figure in any company, regardless of its size. The idea is that this figure not only controls expenses, income and financing, but is also a strategic companion of the entrepreneur, providing the rest of the management team with all the information within their reach to help make the best possible decisions.


We help companies with their ad-hoc needs. These needs can be support in the preparation of a Business Plan, Decks for potential Investors, supporting their needs, Treasury Plans and Search for financing.

New entrepreneurs strategy

At Fin2gO we offer financial services for all types of companies. Every company needs to have a future strategy and to do so it needs the support of the best professionals.

We are aware that the needs of today’s entrepreneurs are different from those of the past. In this way, if you are an entrepreneur who needs strategic financial support in your different areas, we are your solution.

They trust us

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Other featured services

Partners Fin2gO

We offer, with the help of the best professionals, transversal services that will help your company. R&D consulting for I/S bonuses, obtaining public and private financing, fundraising that will help your company reach the next level.

Start Up’s

Our extensive experience in emerging companies, understanding the needs of this type of company in its different financing, monetization and scalability scenarios, makes us the ideal partners for your company. Providing valid information for decision-making in an agile way in a changing and flexible environment such as the Start-Up ecosystem.

Additional services

We have qualified professionals to prepare Audits, Due Diligence, Strategic Plans, legal services and other necessary services that the company may need in the future..

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